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Sometimes, the innards of parenting are best kept private. We all know it can be hard, but keeping it within the confines of the household prevents people from judging a situation that they have no personal bearing with. Reality star Draya Michele found this out the hard way when she took to Instagram with complaints about refusing to sign off on her 13-year-old son Kniko’s homework. The subsequent Twitter backlash was almost legendary.

Kniko’s assignment was to memorize a four-minute speech and be able to recite it, requiring as much practice at home as in school. His teacher required him to have a parent sign off to prove he practices at home (five times a day, according to her complaint). After days of hearing the speech, Draya exploded on Instagram about the assignment and asked her followers what they thought.

It started with a screenshot of a text conversation between her and her son. “Mom are you for real I didn’t get a note card and now I’m not getting those points” Kniko sent to her. Draya quickly responded back with gusto. “Smh. Imma write a rude note,” she relayed. “Should I say what I really want to say? Cuz we can take it there."

The conversation itself wasn’t indicative of any lacking parenting, just being a regular back-and-forth between child and parent. But when paired with the lengthy rant in the picture caption, things started to get a little hazy. “I’m all for helping my child with his homework, but at this point, she has him harassing me with this speech,” she complained. “I’m hearing it 2x a day for a month straight. I’m finna memorize it. ... Tell your teacher I’m done with this. It’s not my damn homework. But it feels like it. What ya’ll think?”

She responded to someone’s comment, clarifying exactly why she was upset. “I’m not annoyed of signing,” she began. “I’m annoyed of him feeling the need to read it to me everyday.”

The good folks over on Twitter got a hold of her post and had a field day with it.

The jokes that came from the situation were just as thrashing.

Poor kid. Kniko, if you ever need someone to practice your speech in front of, I’m here.

PROCRASTINATION: it gets the best of us. We could conquer the world if we just didn’t keep getting in our own way. Big projects, homework, and important emails all seem to get put off until the last possible moment. It’s a lovely cycle that always ends in panic and self-loathing. NEVER FUN. Nevertheless, we do it to ourselves over and over and over again.

Here’s an example for you: I was supposed to have this written a few hours ago. Why didn’t I? Oh, I suddenly needed to sweep and mop my floors. And then I had the idea to make a to-do list. Then there was that Real Housewives of Orange County episode that I just needed to catch up on. *sigh* PROCRASTINATION, YOU GOT ME AGAIN!

In fact, you’re probably procrastinating right now! Get back to work! Not going to listen to me? FINE. Here are some tweets about procrastinating that you can read while you’re procrastinating:

1. Anxiety and procrastination go hand-in-hand.

2. Netflix always ruins your good intentions

3. What you want and what you do are two totally different things.

4. You’re always panicking.

5. You just never make it through that to-do list.


7. You start wishful thinking.

8. You might even be a next-level procrastinator.

I don’t even procrastinate anymore I just straight up neglect 100% of my responsibilities

— pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) May 11, 2015

9. This is how you handle having a lot of work:

10. It’s an internal battle.

11. You REALLY believe in yourself.

12. Sleep is the ultimate procrastination tool.

13. Choosing to do nothing is also a way of handling your life.

14. Oh well.

15. If you think about it, you’re really quite efficient.

16. Your body is just averse to work. That’s all it is.



18. Ugh.

Are you a procrastinator? What things do you do when you’re procrastinating? Let me know in the comments below!

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25 Things Every Girl Does When She’s Procrastinating

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