United Nations Cover Letter Examples

Sample cover letter for Full Time position at United Nations


Administrative Assistant


To Whom it May Concern,

I am fascinated to work with the UN, because I believe to achieve lasting social change through the involvement of for-profit investment require the composition of knowledge, negotiating skills and hands on experience with the private sector in development supported by disciplined rigorous administrative management. I want to explore the boundaries of my performance and increase my competency to take part in projects managing investments related development programs to ensure the balance between philanthropy and financial viability. Being an expert in public administration experience with international organisations in procurement and coordination support with strong analytical and communication background, I would like to offer my skills and expertise for the position Administrative Assistant with UN. My professional motivation is to work in a challenging work environment with the possibility for professional growth. In the following I wish to highlight three of my key competencies and personal passion for working with quality coordination and administrative support, which makes me an ideal candidate for Administrative Assistant position.

Intuitive personality – observation and sensing information

Providing administrative link between the various organizational functions has been a guiding light in my career choices thus far. In my roles, albeit very different in nature, the common denominator has always been the drive to support program mechanisms through research and administrative support. Through interacting with colleagues and stakeholders, I tend to quickly observe and analyze individual roles, opportunities, challenges and motivations. One of my professional achievements was the coordination and organization of a Quality Laboratory workshop in East-Africa. During the process I had to accommodate interest of various stakeholders, observe different information flows while meeting tight deadlines. The workshop was a success and gave the opportunity for Reproductive Health (RH) commodity manufacturers and laboratory technicians to deepen their understanding of to logistics and quality testing.

Structured thinking – a drive to deliver results

Having worked with project management in academia and international organizations, I have developed a structured mindset, client oriented attitude and strong ownership to deliver high quality results. I believe that my background and diverse experience could bring effective problem solving skills and support the UN's mission at the same time provide an outstanding opportunity for professional development and personal growth.

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Tips for an outstanding cover letter

To get a call back for an interview, your cover letter needs to clearly demonstrate your relevant experiences and be easy for the recruiter to follow. With that in mind, here are some tips to make your cover letter stand out from the rest:

Research and understand the position

Demonstrate that you have researched and understood the organization's mission and goals. Once you have done this, show how your background, interests, and experience connect. This is your case for why you are the best candidate for the job.  As much as possible, use keywords from the position posting.

Customize and Personalize 

Write a customized cover letter for every job application, tailoring it to the organization's values and position requirements. Employers can quickly identify a cover letter that is generic, so taking the time to personalize your letter by highlighting what makes you the best match for the position will help to distinguish you from the rest.

Demonstrate your value

Your letter should be convincing to the reader. Demonstrate how you are a good fit for the position. State the value you would bring to the organization. Show how your personal characteristics make you a good match for the position. Back up your accomplishments with examples of your accomplishments as evidence.

Complement, but don’t replicate your resume

Point out your relevant experience and education with specific examples that do more than reiterate what's in your resume.

Focus on your strengths, not weaknesses

Focus on the positive and avoid bringing up your limitations here. You can address areas where you lack experience or qualifications when it comes up in the interview.


Read and re-read your cover letter until you are sure it is fool proof and free of any spelling or grammatical errors. Have a friend or colleague to check it through for you as it always helps to get an outside perspective.


Your cover letter is an important marketing tool that showcases your strengths and most unique and attractive qualifications to a prospective employer. 

A good cover letter should communicate the following key points:

  1. Why you are interested in the position
  2. Why you are the right match for the job and what your relevant qualifications are 
  3. How the employer can reach you for an interview

The following is a suggested layout you can use to draft your cover letter:

Your Address


Hiring Manager's Full Name
Hiring Manager's Title
Company Name
Company Address

Introduction/salutation: Open with the employer's name when possible (Dear Mr/Ms).  If the name is unknown, try to research the company's website for the title and name. You can also open with "Dear Sir or Madam" or "Dear Hiring Manager".

First paragraph - Why are you interested in this position? Explain why you are writing, how you came across the job posting and why you are interested  in the organization (this is your chance to briefly demonstrate that you've done your research).  If someone such as a professor, former  employer, or family member referred you to the employer, this is also the best place to mention that person’s name.

Second paragraph - Why are you the right match?  Here you should demonstrate how and why you are a good match for this position. Draw attention to anyrelevant experience and education you offer. Ideally, you will not reiterate what is on your resume, but highlight specific examples from your experience that are unique and make you stand out. Use the Challenge - Action - Result (CAR). Indicate what your contributions to the organization are and as much as possible use keywords from the job posting.

Closing paragraph: 
Finish on a positive note by expressing your thanks for the reader's time and that you look forward to meeting him/her.  Indicate how and when you can be contacted. You may make further reference to your enclosed resume or any other additional requested documents here.


(Handwritten signature if mailed/ electronic signature acceptable if emailed)

Your Name (typed out)

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